Why Pull a DMV Report?

Making sure anyone operating a company vehicle has a clean driving record is a no-brainer. In fact, many insurance providers require DMV reports twice a year or they won’t even cover you.

But, did you know motor vehicle reports also provide valuable character insights — even if you don’t have company vehicles?

For example, a recent DUI may indicate a drinking problem. If a job requires a high level of responsibility, excessive speeding tickets could be evidence of a reckless lifestyle.

What does a Motor Vehicle Record Report show?

A Driving Record Check is a check of a specific state driving record. A Driving Record Check is available from 50 states and the District of Columbia, and includes infractions, violations, misdemeanors, felonies, points, and current status (e.g., valid, invalid, expired, suspended, revoked, reinstated, etc.). The standard scope is a 3-year driving record. A broader scope may be available from some states for an additional fee.

  • State Access Fees Apply

  • A signed authorization or state specific authorization may be required by the state.

  • Average turnaround time is instant to 2 business days.

Save Money. Cover Your Assets.

Many insurance providers now require every person on your company’s vehicle policy to have their driving record reviewed twice a year!

Even if your insurance company doesn’t require it, it’s a good idea to consistently check DMV records for anyone operating any type of company vehicle. This includes fleet vehicles, work trucks, delivery vans, forklifts and other loading equipment.

A current DMV report can prove vital if you’re ever sued because of an incident with one of your vehicles. Providing proof of these reports can also give you leverage in negotiating insurance premiums.

What if the job doesn’t require driving?

Regardless of whether the candidate will drive on the job, motor vehicle reports can provide important information in your decision-making process. Numerous tickets, accidents or a DUI can raise red flags about their level of responsible behavior.

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