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Prevent Losses can help you with all aspects of backgound screening

Protect Your Business from Loss

Prevent Losses is a leading provider in background check technology. We provide our customers with the latest tools in the background check process. You can access instant background checks online that are designed specifically for your company.

We work hard to set ourselves apart from other web-based online Companies:
Many instant background check companies that are totally automated can leave you with a false sense of confidence that you have taken all the necessary steps. Prevent Losses has background specialist available to assist you so that you can be sure that you have all the facts.

Making the Background Check Process Simple for You:
Prevent Losses Background specialists are dedicated to helping you decide the best choice for your company’s needs. There are so many variables in conducting background checks and it is vital for you to know that you are being provided with all the facts in order to make the right choice. Our background specialists are available for this very reason; to make the process simple for you.

Knowing state, local and federal regulations is fundamental in making sure your company is protected from liability. Protecting your company from liability is equally as important as finding the right person.

You can sign up today for a non-binding account for free. A background check specialist will contact you personally to assist you in the process.


All background checks are NOT THE SAME! INSTANT comprehensive background checks improve your hiring process by knowing who you are hiring.

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We provide a hassle free, efficient and easy to use drug testing service. You could potentially lower your worker compensation cost up to 50%!

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Non Profits

Our staff is personally involved in churches and other organizations that supervise the care of those under the age of 18. We fully understand the importance of the background check!

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